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Who We Are

So just who runs Shenandoah Sunshine? Well, to be honest, for right now this is a one man band. We’re looking for individuals to write opinion on county politics, but the bulk of the straight reporting and video on this site comes straight from Craig Orndorff. And who is he? Well, this site is all about transparency, so you should know.

Craig Orndorff, Editor

Craig Leroy Orndorff is a seventh generation native of Shenandoah County. His lineage traces back to the pre-Revolutionary Era on both sides, with his paternal line primarily originating from the Cedar Creek/Zepp area near the Frederick/Shenandoah border along the Virginia-West Virginia line, and with his maternal line originating from the Toms Brook and Strasburg areas. His family has long been involved in agriculture, though his grandfather was a brickmason. Craig was part of the early childhood education pilot program in the late 80s at Toms Brook Elementary and later attended Robinson Elementary, Muhlenburg Elementary and Central High School, all in Woodstock. At Central he was in the top 10% of his class and excelled in debate and forensics while being a part of student government. It was while at Central that he became involved in Republican politics, founding the Teenage Republicans Club. Since 2006 he has been an elected member of the Shenandoah County Republican Committee, serving as Activities Chairman, Precinct Member, and Fifth District Chair. He attended the University of Virginia between 2004 and 2007, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Government and History (Dual Major). At UVA he was actively involved in the College Republicans. He has previously worked for Delegate Todd Gilbert and Victory 2009, which was the combined campaign for the top three elected officials in the state. He has also had stints at Belle Grove Plantation, Massanutten Military Academy, and of course, Shaffer’s Catering. He currently works in loss prevention for a national retail chain.

Craig makes no bones about the fact that he is a Republican, but for him transparency goes beyond partisan politics. He firmly believes that as guardians and spenders of tax payers dollars the government has a moral obligation to be as open as possible about their use, so that citizens can hold elected officials accountable for how they are spent and make informed decisions at the voting booth. While he personally favors limited government, he believes that this information should be readily made available to individuals of all political stripes. While he believes that certain exceptions should be made in regards to national security, when it comes down to the bottom line dollar figures, the people have a right to know and the government an obligation to provide this information. This is the central thought behind the formation of this site.

Through his political activities and his personal blog at, Craig has maintained something of a presence in local media. However, the Craig Orndorff that runs this site does not currently and never has had any affiliation with WSVG Radio or the Valley Baseball League. While both Craigs are very interested in their community, this site is NOT run by the Craig Orndorff that hosts the Craig Orndorff Morning Show and has no affiliation with WSVG of Mount Jackson.

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