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Get Involved

So you’d like to do your part to bring a little sunlight to the often confusing and under-reported world of local government? As we’ve stated from the outside, we chose a platform utilizing social media in an effort to get average citizens more involved in THEIR government. Well, just how can you be involved in this effort? There’s a few different ways…..and here they are, roughly from the easiest and quickest to the ones involving the most time and dedication.

Share with your friends

The EASIEST but perhaps BEST way you can help us in our effort is to simply share what you find here. On our posts you’ll find various ways to share our articles, such as emailing, Facebook, and Google Reader. Simply by sharing articles with your friends and family you can help us by spreading the word, leading people to our website to look around and hopefully become followers themselves. Remember, our resources also post to Facebook and Twitter (follow us at the provided links, or, well, you can find the links just about everywhere, from our contact page to the sidebar). We strongly encourage you to make us part of your Facebook newsfeed by joining our Page over there.

Share with us

Do you have a story idea? Do you know of a document or issue that more people should know about? Share it with us. We understand that people in a position to share such information can often be in a sensitive position where they may be prone to intimidation to retaliation if they say “the wrong thing.” We value your rights and privacy, so we will always discuss terms of attribution before you report on anything you share with us. We believe that the people have a right to know, so if you have something you think they should, let us know, and we’ll be willing to discuss your options with you.


On every post you’ll find a form at the bottom to comment on the issue at hand. Remember, our efforts are focused first and foremost on getting information out there–not on commentary. That said, the key reason behind this project is to increase the dialogue on local politics and public policy within the larger community. That’s why we have polls and why we encourage you to comment. We have a few, well, not so much rules as suggestions, but other than that, we value your involvement and input, regardless of where you stand on the issues.


We weren’t quite sure where to put this one, but here it is. We know that times are tough, but, as there can often be travel and copying costs involved with what we do, we greatly appreciate any small help you can provide. We currently are not incorporated as a nonprofit, so your contribution will likely not be tax deductible, but if we see enough long term potential in this project we may get there. In the mean time, you can contact us here to see how you can help us expand our coverage.


Have something to say but feel constrained by the comments section? We’re always looking for well-researched, well-written articles on local issues. Again, our goal is to initiate a dialogue on these issues. If you have a one-off column or would like to be a regular contributor to the site, contact us here. We deeply value transparency and free-speech, so your column will only be edited with our guidance on grammar and spelling and only with your input. These positions don’t pay, natch, but its a great way to “get published” and to get read by a wider audience.

Report for us

Do you regularly attend public meetings, particularly ones we can’t cover do to the fact that they overlap with other bodies meetings? Do you have access to a video camera? If you don’t, do you have the ability to take notes quickly and summarize them in a way to provide “just the facts”? If you do, then you may be in a good position to help us expand this project by becoming an associate reporter. Remember: we greatly value impartiality and completeness in our coverage. If you want to make a point with your reporting, well this might not be the position for you (but we encourage to consider becoming a Contributor). Contact us if you’re interested.

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