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Comment Policy

Shenandoah Sunshine has been built from the ground up with the purpose of getting citizens of Shenandoah County more involved with local government and policy. With that in mind, we strongly encourage comments on our blog posts, as well as participation in our anonymous polls. However, we do want to set a few parameters with our comments. Does a violation of this policy mean that your comment will be cast into the vacuum of space, never to be heard again? Not necessarily. These policies are set here as a general guideline to help you keep in mind what we’re trying to accomplish. If they violate a general sense of decency (read: the Miller Test) or are just plain obvious attempts to generate commercial activity, then yeah, there’s a strong chance they’ll be gone. Otherwise, we don’t want to hamper your constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech. However, we do want you to keep these general guidelines in mind.

First and foremost, Shenandoah Sunshine is all about transparency. Therefore, we greatly respect those individuals who are willing, regardless of whatever cost might come to their political or personal standing, to stand beside their comments with their full names. We understand if you might have an insight into county government, but that’s why we have a newstip feedback form on our website. Will a nom de plume automatically result in your comment being banished to the tenth circle? Hardly. We simply want to make it clear how we feel about those who are not willing to, for lack of a better term, “stand by their man/words”.

How about offensive comments? Well, as we state in our mission, above all our focus is on public policy. We don’t particularly care about politicians private lives because, hey, mistakes happen. That said, if you feel the need to use the dreaded “f-word” as every part of speech or feel the need to post something that you KNOW in your heart of hearts to be inherently slanderous and untrue, well, frankly, we’ll take a second look at that. Ultimately, we hope to practice as little censorship as necessary to keep this a site that is available and accessible to all, regardless pf their particular sensitivities towards certain language and behavior. So please keep that in mind.

In short: we reserve the right to not approve content that is outright slanderous or offensive or, again, not in keeping with our goal as a news source (read: commercial content). But it is our genuine hope that we need to exercise that right very, very rarely.

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