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PROJECT NEWS: Interns Wanted/Desperately Needed

June 17, 2011


Are you as insanely interested in local government and politics as Craig was at age 16?

or, do you have a court order mandating that you find something more productive for your time than the game colloquially known as “mailbox baseball”?

or, have your parents threatened to send you off to live with Aunt Ida to pick beans for the rest of the summer if you don’t find something to do?

If this describes you, or if the days following the end of school haven’t already bored you to death, then you may qualify to become an intern for the Shenandoah Sunshine Project!

In all seriousness, I started this project with one intent: to provide more comprehensive and complete coverage of local politics than ever attempted before in Shenandoah County. However, as I am oft to say, somebody has to pay the bills around here. Additionally, if I am to cover anything at all, I need to keep myself alive–hence doctor’s appointments, like the one that scrapped our coverage of the morning meeting of the Board of Supervisors and Strasburg Town Council this week. However, I still remain dedicated to this project (even Media Monday, though I may need to work out a new schedule), but yes, even I have my limitations. So a reader and supporter came up with an idea–why not enlist students to help?

So I thought, yeah, that sounds like a good idea. So let’s give it a whirl. Shenandoah Sunshine is looking for one or two interns to help with the filming of Town Council and Board of Supervisors meetings. The work won’t be steady–we essentially just need someone to fill in for me when I’m not available. But I can guarantee at least two meetings a month, if not more.

What qualifications does a ShenSun intern need? That’s the beautiful part–none really. Well, let’s back up. One, we do expect you to obey the rules of decorum at government meetings. So that means no talking, no loudly chewing gum, no smoking (yes, we do not discriminate here at Shenandoah Sunshine, so smokers allowed, but we can’t change the rules on where). I don’t particularly mind texting, but keep in mind you will need to be moving the camera some and generally pay attention. Two, we have the general expectation that you will not be rough on our equipment (I use it to earn a living elsewhere), so no catching it on fire, dropping it, etc. But we will show you how to use it, and hey–you’re part of the Web generation–you shouldn’t have a problem.

What do you get for being an intern? Well, we can’t offer much, but we may offer a little more than most. First off, we’ll give you $15 for each meeting you cover. Yes, that’s a flat fee, so you may be making more or less than minimum wage depending on how long the meeting goes, but if its excessively long, I can bail you out or make it worth your while. The point is to make sure you’re covered for gas and can maybe pick up two McDoubles on the way home (yum!) Additionally, we’ll work with your teachers or professors if such an activity has the opportunity to earn you extra credit in class. Finally, you’ll get a letter of recommendation, along with the use of your involvement on your resume. OH! And you’ll get credit on the blog as well.

So who might be eligible? Well, again, we only ask that you be able to pay attention and use our equipment. That said, this opportunity will probably be of most interest to those majoring in or hoping to study journalism, media, law or political science. We do ask that you have your own reliable transportation, so you should be between the age of 16 and 25 and be enrolled either in high school (home, public or private–just somewhere) or an associate’s, bachelors or master’s program.

Interested? Or think your kid should do this? Send me an email at with a brief description of who you are and why you want to participate. I’ll try to get back with you as soon as possible–particularly because there’s a few meetings I may need covered next week.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from some fresh young citizen journalists!

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