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NEWS: Riverbends precinct scrapped; District 4 to have just one precinct

June 15, 2011

You may have noticed we’ve been a little skimpy on hard meeting coverage this week, despite the fact that, as with every week, there are indeed meetings happening. There’s a good reason for this: your intrepid blogger has a life too. Oh, certainly I’m still obsessed with politics, but even I have to go to the doctor sometimes (though some would say more than your average 25 year old). Hence why we’ve been a little late to the game. But we promise we’re still dedicated to the proposition of offering uncensored and complete coverage of local politics–I just need to figure out how to do it.

But there is one bit of news from yesterday’s Board of Supervisors meeting. I was able to confirm from Sharon Baroncelli, District 4 Supervisor, that the redistricting plan proposed for the county passed with just one change. The proposed Riverbends precinct, which would have taken in areas of the Mt. Olive precinct located in between the St. Luke, Woodstock, and Toms Brook boundaries, has been scrapped. Instead, these voters will now be part of a single Woodstock precinct.

The practical effect for voters is, well, limited. After all, Riverbends was going to be in District 4, and both Woodstock and Riverbends would have voted at Central High. Now, all those voters will be in a single precinct for the purposes of election administration–the only real difference being, as existed before but to a lesser scale, that those voters located outside of the Woodstock preinct boundaries will, naturally, not be eligible to vote in town elections.

The bigger impact is on party politics. The combination of these two precincts will affect the way Republican Party activities are handled in terms of party voting strength. But you’ll just have to hang on to see how.

So again, the practical effect: The 4th District of the Board of Supervisors now consists of just one precinct, but still with voters taken from the old Mount Olive precinct.

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