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Meeting Preview: June 14th, 2011 Board of Supervisors Meeting

June 13, 2011

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t had a chance to break down the packet for tomorrow’s meeting. I’ll do so in the meeting wrap-up, but for right now, here’s the highlights:

Consent Agenda:

  • Appointments to the Lord Fairfax Community College Board, Tourism Council, and Library Board
  • Adoption of state vehicle codes by reference

Informational hearings:

  • Presentation of a resolution of support for adding Bear Paw Road and Bridge to the state’s secondary roads system
  • Presentation on funding options for the Edinburg school project
  • Reports, Reports and more Reports
  • Consideration of a six month extension of the contract between the Shenandoah County Area Agency on Aging and the County for the old Woodstock High School
  • Consideration of a Fund Balance Policy (much to explain here, but essential this will set a policy for dealing with the county’s fund balance in accordance with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, which is a non-governmental organization that sets the generally accepted accounting policies for non-federal governments)


  • Increase in commercial tipping fee at County landfill to $45
  • Final consideration of redistricting

Closed Sessions:

  • Legal consultation regarding a voluntary settlement agreement
  • Legal consultation regarding a utility system agreement
  • Legal consultation regarding a five-party performance agreement related to land conservation
  • Discussion of the performance and employment of two county personal


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