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PARTY CALL: 15th House of Delegates Republican Party Call to Convention

June 9, 2011

ED: Below is the official call to convention of the Republican Party of the 15th District of the House of Delegates. This call is issued in order to establish the nominating procedure that is widely expected to re-nominate Todd Gilbert for a fourth term. Note the pre-filing conditions below that state the convention is cancelled if only one candidate files. We will bring you updates on the procedure once filing has passed next week. We provide this to shine light on the process and to encourage you to participate in not just this but any nominating contest, Republican or Democratic. We have contacted the county Democrats regarding their procedures, and hope to hear back from them soon.


 As Chairman of the Republican Legislative District Committee for the 15th House of Delegates District and pursuant to the Plan of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia and as recommended and directed by the 15th House of Delegates District Republican Committee, I, Vito Gentile, do hereby issue this call for a District Convention to be held on Saturday, August 13, 2011 at Central High School, Woodstock, Virginia, or at its alternate site, starting at 10 a.m. local time for the purposes of nominating a Republican Candidate for the 15th House of Delegates District in the November general election; and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the convention.

 Qualifications for Participation

All legal and qualified voters of the 15th House of Delegates District under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, regardless of race, religion, national origin or sex, who are in accord with the principles of the Republican Party and who, if requested, express in open meeting, either orally or in writing as may be required, their intent to support all of its nominees for public office in the ensuing election, may participate as a member of the Republican Party of Virginia in its mass meetings, party canvasses, conventions, or primaries encompassing their respective election districts. All individuals desiring to participate in the Convention may be required to present some form of identification such as a voter registration card, driver’s license or other positive identification.

Composition of Convention

The Convention shall be composed of delegates and alternate delegates of the respective units they represent. Representation shall be based on a percentage of the total number of Republican votes cast in each county in the last gubernatorial and presidential election combined. Each unit is allowed one (1) Delegate Vote for each two hundred and fifty (250) Republican votes cast or a major portion thereof. Each unit shall be entitled to at least one (1) Delegate Vote. Up to five (5) delegates may be elected for each Delegate Vote. The delegates and alternate delegates, if any, shall be elected in county mass meetings, party canvases or conventions that shall be called for this purpose in conformity with the Plan of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia by each unit committee. The mass meetings, party canvasses or conventions shall be held no earlier than July 1, 2011 and not later than August 5, 2011.

Certification of Delegates

The delegates present in a given delegation shall designate which alternate delegates shall vote in the place of an absent delegate, if applicable, except where the electing body electing the delegates has determined another method of alternate delegate selection. The said delegates and alternates to the District Convention so elected shall be certified in writing with their respective names and addressees including zip codes over the signatures of the permanent chairman and permanent secretary of the unit mass meeting or convention or of the unit chairman of the unit committee which may have conducted a party canvass to select the delegates and alternate delegates.

ALL CERTIFICATIONS, REGARDLESS OF THE DATE OF LOCAL MASS MEETING, PARTY CANVASS OR CONVENTION must be received not later than 5:00 p.m. on August 5, 2011 at the address below. Postmarks will not govern. After the filing deadline of the certification, no changes may be made except a certified alternate delegate may be made a delegate. A copy of the published call of the convention, mass meeting or party canvass called for the purpose of selecting delegates and alternate delegates to said convention, must accompany the certification with the date of publication included. Certifications should be delivered or mailed to:

 Vito F. Gentile, 8148 Senedo Rd., Mt. Jackson, Virginia 22842

A delegate or alternate delegate is not certified until his or her name, address and phone number has been provided on the certification.

 Candidate Pre-filing Requirements

All candidates for the Republican nomination for the House of Delegates for the 15th District must state his or her intention to seek the nomination by filing a written statement with the 15th District Chairman, Vito F. Gentile at 8148 Senedo Rd., Mt. Jackson, VA 22842 to be received not later than 5:00 p.m. on June 15, 2011. Postmarks will not govern. There will be no nominations from the floor of the convention unless no candidate has pre-filed. Candidates must include a $700 filing fee payable to the 15th House of Delegates District Republican Committee. If at least one, but not more than one, candidate successfully pre-files in accordance with this section, then no convention will be held and the pre-filed candidate shall be deemed to be the nominee of the Republican Party for the 15th House District.

Voluntary Fees

A voluntary fee of $5.00 is requested of each delegate and alternate delegate to the Convention. Political contributions are not tax-deductible.

 Voting Strength

The Delegate Votes for each unit shall be as follows: Page County, 42; Rockingham County (Lacey Spring, Tenth Legion, and Plains (Partial) precincts), 10; Shenandoah County, 80; and Warren County (Fork Town, Otterburn, Waterlick, Bentonville, and Browntown precincts), 16; for a total of 148 Delegate Votes and 148 Alternate Delegate Votes.

Paid for and Authorized by the 15th House of Delegates District Republican Committee, Vito F. Gentile, Chairman.

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