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Project News: Upcoming Coverage Schedule

May 24, 2011

As stated in the posts below, right now we’re looking at focusing on the major countywide bodies in Shenandoah County and the three largest towns. Here’s what we’re tentatively looking at covering in June. Keep in mind somebody’s gotta pay the bills around here and though I have a fairly flexible schedule, I still need to plan, so your feedback is very much appreciated.

Thursday, June 2–Board of Supervisors Worksession (TENTATIVE–We were serious–do you want to see these or not?)

Tuesday, June 7th–Woodstock Town Council Meeting

Saturday, June 11th–SPECIAL: Courthouse Tour/Open House

Tuesday, June 14th–Strasburg Town Council, Board of Supervisors (TENTATIVE–we may need to reschedule some things to make this one work)

Thursday, June 16th–School Board Meeting

Thursday, June 20th–New Market Town Council

Tuesday, June 28th–Board of Supervisors

That’s a pretty robust schedule right there, and we hope to deliver. Again, though, this is citizen driven. Tell us what you want to see, and we’ll make every effort to include it. Cnoversely, think we can use our resources better elsewhere? Let us know. Also, a note–don’t get us wrong, we love Edinburg, Toms Brook, and Mt. Jackson. The only, ONLY reason we aren’t planning on covering them is because their meetings fall on the same day as Strasburg, and as the county’s largest town and soon to be (nearly) its own magisterial district, we think our resources are best sent there. If there’s real interest, we may devise some sort of rotating schedule, but again, we want to be smart with how we use our time. Of course, we’re always looking for correspondents……

Check back here tonight for coverage from tonight’s board meeting.

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